Saturday 23 January 2021
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I've been using IME for my price changes for nearly a year. It consolidates any changes in cost from my incoming orders and gives me a weekly snapshot which allows me to adjust retails as necessary.

I particularly like the "What-If" function, a quick and easy method for changing retails. When things are a little slow, I will load a couple of classes into workspace, use a function called "add a penny to retail", and scan list looking for a few items whose retail I can raise. Individual increases are never very large, but when added up (IME shows me total extra margin dollars that retail changes will generate in a year) can amount to a nice amount of extra profit.

A great tool to help manage my inventory. 

- Karps True Value
David Fogel

Group cbf-Testimonials

I would highly recommend IME to anyone who wants to increase margin while improving value perception to our customers.  In the past 2 years we have raised our margin 3.4 points and increased sales transaction along with average sales.  This is a homerun!


- Hammer and Wikan
Lee Carrao

Group cbf-Testimonials

With my store being located in Alaska, the freight rate is much lower than the lower 48 and using IME to manage the store prices is quick and easy and vital to my bottom line.

Simply put I use the IM tool at least 4 times a month to adjust the prices in the store and add dollars to cover the cost of shipping to the store. The IME can forecast and increase in margin the store needs to achieve in order to cover the freight and still remain competitive. This is one of the best tools I've used to maintain my prices.

I would highly recommend IME to anyone to effectively manage retail prices, make more money and still remain a price competitive image. Being a new store and familiar with IME, this was my first purchase to effectively manage my retails. Overall IME is a very useful tool and it makes managing prices as easy as 1, 2, and 3.


- Glenn Allen
Ernie Christensen

Group cbf-Testimonials

The IME program has been an incredible margin management tool for our hardware.  I have been able to increase the margin by almost two percent in the last year.  The strength of the program is being able to focus on particular departments, items and prices that you want to manage.  Because IME enabled me to focus on items whose retail price was under 10.00, I was able to keep prices from increasing on high ticket items and still increased the margin store wide.  With the many options available, you are able to set up a pricing structure in your store that you can be comfortable with.

- Rosenberg True Value
Bob Rosenberg

Group cbf-Testimonials

The IME pricing tool is bar far the easiest and fastest way for our store to maintain accurate pricing. We can quickly work by location and assure all items within the location are at the correct pricing levels, as well as provide consistency in pricing for similar items such as drill bits. We also find we can quickly review entire seasonal resets at the start of a season and assure all pricing is up to date before the selling season begins. As time goes on we are utilizing this great tool more and more.

- Bedford True Value
Adam Schoelkopf

Group cbf-Testimonials

I have been using IME for approx. 2 years. My primary use is for weekly price changes and raising our overall margin. When I started, our "Corporate" reported margin was in mid-high 30's. As of January, 2016, I have been able to raise it to 42%+. It has been a wonderful tool for finding items that were being sold below S/R, as well as getting all our merchandise to Lv1 pricing. It is very user friendly, your imagination is your only limit of what you can do. What I like best is you are in the driver's seat. You're able to raise prices slowly so the customer doesn't notice. Lastly, the best part of IME pricing tool are the people, the training and the support. It is unmatched, and for me, runs circles around "Corporate".

- Puhl's True Value
Janice Puhl-Przybylski

Group cbf-Testimonials

In a short amount of time I was able to learn how to navigate my way around the IME weekly price change grid, to truly stay on top of any cost and/or retail changes in the stores.

  • In a workable grid, I am able to see the information I need to make decisions on pricing and the forecasted impact for making any changes.
  • Scheduled/Automated reports take the time out of lengthy exporting, so my time is spent working with the pricing
  • Any manual, receiving, or electronic file transmissions from any, and all vendors can be viewed, or filtered.
  • I can view sales and look up exact UPC matches on the web to compare competitors pricing in seconds.
  • I can view proposed calculated pricing and allow, or review further and override.
  • I am able to quickly import my changes to our price change file and allow the managers time to update floor tags to reflect our changes.


Our stores now have a much more efficient routine for keeping up to date on pricing changes and increase profit.

This is probably the most user friendly pricing program I have worked with so far.



Amanda Grilli


South Miami * Miami Beach

Pinecrest * Tamiami


- Miami Home Centers

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